WOWED THE CRITICS AND ALMOST SOLD OUT! Our first book, “Happy Tails: Earl and Pearl on the Farm,” introduces Earl and Pearl Barker as they go about their daily activities, from A (apples) to Z (zinnias), on their farm just a bone’s throw from Dogtown. All of the pet models, including Earl and Pearl, are rescue dogs. An excellent and fun way for children to learn the alphabet — and adults will enjoy it, too! All books will be signed and inscribed by the authors (and Earl and Pearl). This is a hardcover, 32-page full-color book.

Click here to see sample pages!

ARGH! SOLD OUT! In “Happy Tails: The Call of Nature,” Pearl Barker buys her first computer and cell phone. Soon, she’s an obsessed tech-hound. The Barker farm is falling apart and her husband, Earl, decides it’s time for action. He takes Pearl on a vacation to visit his twin sister, Earlene, in order to get Pearl disconnected from technology and reconnected to nature. ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT! All books will be signed and by the authors (and Earl and Pearl). This is a hardcover, 32-page full-color book.  Click here to see sample pages!

No longer available, although we are working on an e-book edition!

$16.95 plus $4.90 Priority Mail shipping. Buy it from our Etsy Store.

Buy TWO books (in any combination) and receive a $2 per book discount for only $14.95 each. The total of $29.90 is a $4 discount. Double your fun with “Earl and Pearl on the Farm” and the new “The Butterfly That Would Not Fly”!

NOTE: Please contact us if you would like to buy the books in different combinations or quantities, or if you need a quote for international shipping. You can use any major credit card safely and securely with PayPal. If you prefer, we accept Visa,MasterCard, Discover and American Express orders over the phone. Call us at 217-689-4575 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Saturday. We ship in approximately one business day. Thank you!

© 2013 Cindy and Kirby Pringle/Dogtown Artworks

OUR NEWEST BOOK has taken us longer than planned, but “The Butterfly That Would Not Fly” is now available for $16.95 and you will love it!

Earl and Pearl rescue a monarch butterfly that is afraid of heights. The two try to help the butterfly overcome its fear so that it can migrate to Mexico to spend the winter with millions of other monarchs. Earl’s twin sister, Earlene, also lends a paw in the effort. This is a hardcover, 32-page, full-color book. Click here for sample pages!

$16.95 plus $4.90 Priority Mail shipping. Buy it from our Etsy Store.

Watch our new documentary, “Plight of the Monarch” on YouTube! Click here!
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